A Killer Independent Record Label


Swimming With Sharks Records is pleased to announce the signing of For Fear Itself from Baltimore, Maryland. The band has been turning heads with their intense blend of deathcore meets post-hardcore mixed with epic synth backdrops. The group recently recorded their debut album with Imad El-Amine from The Fresh Republic at The Red Room. The album will be available on Swimming With Sharks Records in late June to early July.
Guitarist/Vocalist, Grant Echols states: “We are completely stoked on signing to Swimming With Sharks Records! We are 16 years old on average, and for our debut EP to be released with a company like SWS blows our minds. We can’t wait to release it this summer and let people hear our new sound. On this record, we believe we’ve created a diverse track listing that people of all music tastes will enjoy. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has had our backs along the way; you guys are the best!”
A free song from the album entitled “Deecohder” is currently available for stream and download at http://www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.com
YouTube Video for “Deechoder”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SCozeMBe88

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