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Dei Aemeth – ‘Apotheosis’ Available Now!


Available here: http://swimmingwithsharksrecords.bandcamp.com/album/apotheosis

Released by Swimming With Sharks Records

Dei Aemeth is Samuel Paquette, Carl Ferré-Lang, Simple Nomad, Vale Ethereal

Dei Aemeth would like to thank Noah “Shark” Robertson (appearing
courtesy of The Browning and Earache Records) for drum sessions featured
on Apotheosis.

Produced, engineered, mixed by Sam Paquette
Recorded at S.A.M. Recording Studios Dallas TX USA
Mastered at JFD Studio by J-F Dagenais
Artwork and layout by Moon Ring Design http://www.moonringdesign.com

All compositions by Sam Paquette and Dei Aemeth

Dei Aemeth – Apotheosis

Set Sail
Tide of Devourment
i. Skrying
ii. Alignment
iii. Ritual
iv. Luminous
Ending Credits

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