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Dei Aemeth

The Path Of The Goat Tour

The Terrigen Mist has officially completed The Path Of The Goat Tour, featuring label-mates Dei Aemeth on select dates.



Apotheosis by Dei Aemeth receiving great reviews! http://metaldisciple.com

Apotheosis by Dei Aemeth receiving great reviews!  http://metaldisciple.com

DEI AEMETH’s debut album “Apotheosis” is available NOW!!! http://www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.com

Press Release: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=183648



3 SWS Bands on One Stage!

3 SWS Bands on One Stage!

Dallas, Texas! Torch Entertainment presents Dirty Chemist along with 3 SWS Artists! Awaiting The Apocalypse, The Brothers Highhorse, and DEI AEMETH!!! FRIDAY JAN. 25TH 2013

Dei Aemeth – ‘Apotheosis’ Available Now!


Available here: http://swimmingwithsharksrecords.bandcamp.com/album/apotheosis

Released by Swimming With Sharks Records

Dei Aemeth is Samuel Paquette, Carl Ferré-Lang, Simple Nomad, Vale Ethereal

Dei Aemeth would like to thank Noah “Shark” Robertson (appearing
courtesy of The Browning and Earache Records) for drum sessions featured
on Apotheosis.

Produced, engineered, mixed by Sam Paquette
Recorded at S.A.M. Recording Studios Dallas TX USA
Mastered at JFD Studio by J-F Dagenais
Artwork and layout by Moon Ring Design http://www.moonringdesign.com

All compositions by Sam Paquette and Dei Aemeth

Dei Aemeth – Apotheosis

Set Sail
Tide of Devourment
i. Skrying
ii. Alignment
iii. Ritual
iv. Luminous
Ending Credits

Dei Aemeth – ‘Apotheosis’


Dallas, Texas based Dei Aemeth has signed a Worldwide Distribution Deal with Swimming With Sharks Records. Their debut album ‘Apotheosis’ was produced and recorded by guitarist Sam Paquette at S.A.M. Recording Studios in Dallas,Texas and was mastered at JFD Studio by J-F Dagenais. The album features elements of progressive, technical, and blackened death metal. The band recruited Noah “Shark” Robertson, original drummer and founding member of The Browning (Earache Records/Artery Foundation Management), to drumming duties for their debut release.

Paquette comments on the album and the signing, “After recording ‘Apotheosis’ and listening to the mixes, we were completely stoked; we had something special we needed to get out to the masses. Swimming With Sharks is the perfect way to make this happen, as they are fully committed to us and the album. This is a huge milestone for us, our fans are excited, and we are looking forward to finding those new rabid fans out there and having our best year ever.”

The band has been making a name for themselves in the Texas metal scene for years and is rapidly gaining wide-spreadattention for their dark and punishing brand of progressive death metal.

‘Apotheosis’ is currently available at http://www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.com – Check out the band at http://www.facebook.com/deiaemeth

Dei Aemeth is Samuel Paquette, Carl Ferré-Lang, Simple Nomad, Vale Ethereal