A Killer Independent Record Label


Swimming with Sharks started out as a live, 2-hour college radio show on KTRL – 100.7FM – The Planet, in 2004. The show was independently produced and hosted by Noah, while he studied Music Education at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, and featured the best in local, underground, and national metal.

Eventually, Noah began booking shows and promoting bands under the moniker, Swimming With Sharks Entertainment; including his own various death metal projects and progressive/experimental metal band, Srlsm (Surrealism). In 2006, Noah, and the rest of his band mates in Srlsm, dropped out of music school to focus on the band full-time and relocated to Dallas, Texas. It was there in Dallas (more specifically, Deep Ellum) where Swimming With Sharks Entertainment became a major player in the local music scene; booking shows, promoting bands, and eventually creating a full-fledged music festival dubbed, Trip Fest – which went on to see several installments and was hosted inside the legendary Dallas, Texas music venue, The Curtain Club. The festival featured the very best of local progressive, experimental, and extreme bands and showcased local artwork as well. Eventually, Noah gained the necessary experience and knowledge of the music business to begin booking shows and small tours regionally around Texas and Oklahoma, positioning his musical projects as openers for touring bands and national acts.

In 2008, Noah was asked by Luis Matos (a prominent talent buyer, tour promoter, and frontman for the Houston, Texas based metal band, Pinhed) to fill-in on drums for Pinhed on an upcoming tour with legendary national acts Mushroomhead and Brujeria. Having only 2 days to prepare for his first national tour, Noah accepted and went on to become a permanent fixture in the band – which afforded him the opportunity to tour and perform with such legendary metal bands as Carcass, Suffocation, Vital Remains, Suicide Silence, Possessed, Divine Heresy, Asesino, and many more.

Gaining more and more insight into the music industry and becoming more and more depressed with the dwindling music scene in Texas at the time, Noah and his remaining band mates in Srlsm decided to once again relocate, this time to Hollywood, California in late 2009. Packing up his small, hatch-back car with nothing but his drum set and his clothes; Noah left his family, friends, and girlfriend behind to live in a rehearsal room, sleep on an air mattress, bathe with nothing but a bucket and towel, and suffer the harsh realities of public transportation. Soon after, his band mates joined him and they began playing shows in and around Hollywood and Los Angeles. As tension flared, the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus, which caused Noah to search out other musical projects and opportunities.

In 2010 Noah responded to a CraigsList.org posting entitled “former As Blood Runs Black singer seeks band members” which he found in the Dallas, Texas wanted ads. Jonny McBee had recently quit ABRB due to personal issues with his band mates and had decided to move from his home in Missouri to Dallas, Texas to find musicians and complete a musical project he had been working on since high school called, The Browning. After talking to McBee several times through email and phone conversations – and convincing Brian Cravey (former Srlsm guitar player) to join with him – Noah and Brian moved back to their home in Dallas, Texas from Hollywood, California to join The Browning full-time. Shortly after releasing their self-produced, self-titled debut album and embarking on their self-booked first tour, The Browning were contacted by the legendary UK-based metal label, Earache Records (Decapitated/Oceano/At The Gates/Napalm Death). The Browning eventually signed a world-wide recording contract with the label and went on to ink a deal with Outerloop Management (Dying Fetus/Veil of Maya/Periphery/Cephalic Carnage and more).

On May 27th, 2011 the idea for Swimming With Sharks Records was conceived. On July 28th, 2011 the label began putting out releases. The label is very active and is growing at a rapid rate. Noah “Shark” Robertson can be found touring the World with The Browning; passing out thousands of metal compilations to rabid metal fans everywhere.

The story continues…

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