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The Terrigen Mist

TerrigenMist_laveyan_4PAN1TSPB.inddSwimming With Sharks Records is pleased to announce the addition of the Atlanta, Georgia death metal act The Terrigen Mist to it’s roster of bands. The band recently completed work on their debut full length album, Leveyan, recorded in Athens, GA at Rising Tides Studio with Anthony Lunn.

Vocalist Ian Nix comments, “We are very happy to be working with Swimming With Sharks Records and we are quite proud to be releasing our first full length, ‘Laveyan’, through them. This label is definitely keeping the indie spirit alive and we look forward to all the positive things that are to come from our new partnership.”

The band formed in 2008 in Greenville, SC and have been making a name for themselves ever since through relentless performing and touring the East Coast. Prior to their full length album, Laveyan, The Terrigen Mist have released two EPs – ‘A Requiem Infernal’ and ‘Metaphysics’.  The band sites influences such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Converge, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, Watain, Deathspell Omega, Pantera, and more. Their sound can be described as death metal with heavy grindcore and black metal influence.

The band will be touring in early July 2013, in support of their debut full length album, Leveyan. The Terrigen Mist is: Ian Nix-vocals, Andrew Bryant-guitar, Brett Terrapin-drums, James Wakester-bass.

Leveyan is currently available  at www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.us


Forced Abortion – Violent Monkey Orgy


Now available at http://www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.us

Swimming With Sharks Records regretfully announces adding Forced Abortion from Palatine, Illinois to the roster. The band has been abusing ear drums and pissing people off since July 2012. The band is reminiscent of controversial grind-core/noise-core acts such as Anal Cunt (Earache Records). Most of the band’s appeal lies in their truly bizarre and often offensive album and song titles, such as the band’s “Swastika” EP, released in January of 2013, which features song titles such as “Acidic Cow Urine Drinking Fountain”, “Inverted Limb Buried Beneath a Pile of Paralyzed Horses”, “Pussy Cunt Cop Killer”, “Insane Clown Pussy”, and “It’s Holocaust Time”.

The band attracted the attention of Noah “Shark” Robertson from The Browning (Earache Records) and owner of Swimming With Sharks Records, by sending an email that simply read, “Sign us faggots.” Robertson comments, “At first I was thinking to myself, who the hell does that?! Once I checked out the band, I couldn’t stop laughing and knew I had to sign them to the label immediately. Do yourself a favor and add the band on Facebook! You won’t be disappointed… well, maybe a little.” One of the founding members, Cannibal, states: “This label sucks and I want to kill myself. When I was five years old, I tried killing my two month old brother by drowning him. I have aids.”

The band will be releasing their latest music masterpiece called ‘Violent Monkey Orgy’ which will be available world-wide on February 24, 2013 via Swimming With Sharks Records.

To find out more please visit http://www.swimmingwithsharksrecords.com and/or http://www.facebook.com/forcedabortion

Forced Abortion is: 29, Cannibal, and Telephone.